Deportation Defense

Defending Your Right To Stay

Almost 400,000 individuals are currently in deportation (removal) proceedings before an immigration judge. Individuals can be placed into removal proceedings for many reasons. Just because the government says you are removable does not mean that you are.

The Law Office of Daniel Caudillo is an immigration law firm that works tirelessly to protect immigrants and their families from the devastating effects of deportation or removal from the U.S. Although we are based in El Paso, Texas, we represent immigrants across the U.S. and around the world. It is very important to speak with an immigration attorney who has experience in deportation defense when you are placed into removal proceedings.

Use Your Right To An Attorney

The Department of Homeland Security generally cannot deport you until you are first given a chance to go before an immigration judge to present your case in what is now called removal proceedings. At all removal or deportation hearings in immigration court, you have a right to be represented by an immigration attorney.

Get Strong Representation At Removal Proceedings

Having an aggressive and experienced immigration lawyer by your side is essential if you want to avoid deportation.

If you or a loved one must appear in immigration court or is at risk of deportation, contact us today at 915-772-2223 and find out why people choose the Law Office of Daniel Caudillo when they need experienced immigration guidance and support.