Employment And Other Temporary Visas

Temporary Stays Have Their Own Challenges

Not everyone looks to move to the United States permanently, and you may be seeking a temporary visa for employment, academic, medical, tourism or familial reasons. Workers, students and those with family in the United States can all obtain nonimmigrant visas.

Nonimmigrant visas function by providing you, or others from another country, with temporary entrance to the United States. When you do not wish to reside in the United States permanently, but only want to visit for a limited amount of time, a nonimmigrant visa may be your best option. The Law Office of Daniel Caudillo assists with a multitude of nonimmigrant visas.

Assisting Nonimmigrants Along Their Journeys

The Law Office of Daniel Caudillo helps individuals, entrepreneurs and employers decide on the right visa for everyone’s unique situation, both short and long-term. The type of nonimmigrant visa you can receive depends on your purpose for traveling to the United States.

We are well-versed to provide guidance for the following nonimmigrant visas:

Visiting the United States requires careful planning and sometimes a visa permitting you to enter the country. The Law Office of Daniel Caudillo can ease the stress associated with the visa process by offering personal attention to meet your unique immigration needs. Although located in El Paso, Texas, attorney Daniel Caudillo serves clients on a national and global scale.

Get Answers To Your Immigration Questions

The Law Office of Daniel Caudillo strives to help you get your nonimmigrant visa as efficiently as possible. We offer consultations and are willing to look at your individual case. We are only a phone call away. Call us today at 915-772-2223 to discuss your case in English or Spanish. Se habla español.